The unfortunate reality is about 1 million Australian's have been diagnosed with diabetes and this number continues to grow. If you are one of those or perhaps know someone that suffers from diabetes you will understand the importance of protecting the feet.

Thorlo have produced a diabetic sock, which contains their one-of-a-kind clinically tested padding designed to diminish blisters, pain, foot pressure and excess moisture. Unfortunately for diabetics, blisters, sores or other cuts in the skin can result in serious ulcerations which, at times, can lead to amputations. The US National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine suggest those who suffer from diabetes are more likely to succumb to foot problems at some stage in their lives. Thorlo diabetic socks protect the foot from the aforementioned conditions. 

The Institute for Preventative Foot Health recommends a number of remedies how diabetics can care for their feet and prevent foot sores, ulcers and amputation and is definitely worth the read.

Benefits of Thorlo Diabetic Socks 

How Thorlo Design the Thorlo Diabetic Sock

If you'd like to order a pair of Thorlo Diabetic socks they are on their way and will soon hit our warehouse. To guarantee a pair contact us today to pre-order.  


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