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Compressport ProRacing Arm Sleeve with Watch Space - Black


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Built with endurance in mind, but suitable for all abilities and pretty much all sports, Compressport have engineered and manufactured an arm sleeve that will stimulate blood flow and oxygenate your arms, leaving them feeling lighter and  less strained.

Each movement triggers a micro-massage providing a sensation of lightness and well-being.

The Compressport ProRacing Arm Sleeve Watch Space has a nifty fully stitiched space to allow for any sized watch.  Thanks to the Armsleeve Watch Space you can check the time, control your speed and monitor your progress as if there was no armsleeve!

The 360° seamless compression around the arm absorbs the “shockwave” effect on muscles, veins and joints. Less vibrations means delayed muscle fatigue. Your resistance to prolonged exertion is enhanced!

The progressive compression acts on both muscular zones of your arm. Improved venous return and shock absorption is guaranteed along the entire arm length.

Moisture repelling means they stay featherlight throughout your effort no matter the time or distance.

With normal use, the Compressport arm sleeves are tear-proof.

Recovery with your arm sleeve reduces muscle soreness and aids in riding the body of lactic acid (where it after showering).

Treated with COLDBLACK® the sleeve feels cool to touch reducing sweating.  Guaranteed minimum UPF 30 protection.

Thermo regulation via the special knit that protects you from the cold and windchill whilst still providing maximum breathability for your skin.

100% seamless, your ProRacing Armsleeves are knitted to fit every curve of your arms perfectly, maximising their efficiency and comfort (no chafing).

100% hygienic. The SANITIZED® treatment helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and naturally fights odours. It ensures a feeling of freshness all day long.

All Compressport ProRacing Arm Sleeve Watch Space come with a 2 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee! 

Designed in Switzerland and made in Europe.

Vendor: Compressport

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