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Holeproof Everyday Stay Up

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How many times have you heard the significant man in your life say "I just want socks that don't fall down"?  Well Holeproof have heard the call and they have produced exactly that.  A 2 pack of cotton rich business socks that stay up!  Simple.

Made in China

Sizing Information

Men's shoe size 6-10 

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
I hate these socks!!! 100% regret. (-10 stars if I can give it that)

I had some of these Computer Socks years ago and after a while stopped wearing them. I recently decided to return to them because all my other dress socks suck because they keep falling down, which irritated me no end. But these old Computer Socks I had looked so old (tucked away deep in the drawers) that I thought I should replace them with new ones instead - and went ahead to purchase 10 pairs of Holeproof Socks (which seem to be the new name).

The good thing is that these Holeproof Socks totally live up to expectations - they stay up all day. 5/5

However, after wearing them just for a few days and a few washes, I now recall why I stopped wearing them years ago:

1. The toe sections really suck - there seem to be a perpetual fold right under my right toes. I totally understand that no 2 feet are exactly the same among humans but I don't have this irritating fold for my other "sucky" socks so why is this so for this Holeproof socks? -10/5.

2. The toe cap part of the socks is really short, and for some feet like mine which are not exactly rectangular but more slanted, the sewn joint to the toe cap gets in the way for my smaller toes. Another sucky point for these socks. -10/5

3. The sizes for the socks 6-10 seem really broad. For someone like me who wears shoe sizes 7.5, I find the socks to be rather large. So they do not exactly fit me. Lousy fit sizes. -10/5

4. Some of the exact same pair of socks I received allow me to wear them up to my calf while others are below calf. The quality is really iffy on these socks. -5/5

5. After a few washes, the black socks do not look black anymore. Which is okay by me but what is horrible is that they streak. Some streaks are darker than the others. So yo really have to pair your socks so that the more streaky ones are not worn with the less streaky ones otherwise you look like you have worn wrong pair of socks. And after a few further washes, the black socks have a dark green hue to them. Totally yucks. -10/5

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