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Stance NBA Socks - Logo Crew Cavs

LeBron James, Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving - the Cavaliers are rich on talent! Here's a team that deserves respect and one that will punish you if you fail to give it to them. So Cavs fans here's the Stance Logo Crew, the official NBA on-court sock for the Cavs.

A blend of Fusion fibers provides incredible durability, yet the careful design ensures  your feet will remain cool, dry and comfy. Add some mesh panels and your feet will come alive! Top it all off with cushioning in the forefoot, toes, heel, ankle, and around the fifth metatarsal (where Jones fractures can occur) and a shin impact shield and you have a sock like no other. Take your basketball to a new level!

Is another final's on the horizon?

Size Guide

Large: US Men 9 - 12