So you want to buy some sport socks, but are not sure where to start? Maybe you are baulking at the cost, wondering if they are even worth it. After all, some sport socks can cost between $20-$50! Ouch........


All fair questions, particularly given socks are often considered as .............. well socks. Now I could launch into trying to convince you of the value, but thought that might just be perceived as 'sales talk', so instead have shared a recent post from one of our customers that say's it all:  


If you have decided to experience for yourself just how big a difference a good pair of sports socks can make, here are a few things to look for when buying.  

Tip One: Avoid all-cotton socks

Although cotton is a great material and feels nice to wear, it is terrible at wicking moisture away from the skin.  Meaning, once it gets wet, it will stay wet. Given your feet each have more than 250,000 sweat glands (seriously!) and produce around 500 ml of sweat a day, this presents some big problems. Why? Because cotton retains sweat and so the sweat stays agains your skin and softens it. If you think of a time when you've stayed in the water for too long and have seen your skin shrivel - well the same thing happens with cotton socks.

When the skin is softened it is much more prone to breaking if the skin encounters any abrasion or rubbing. This friction ultimately results in a blister or blisters!

Tip Two: Look for socks with wicking capabilities


To minimise the chance of getting blisters you need a sock containing a good moisture management system, to wick excess moisture away before it softens the skin and becomes a problem. Look for socks containing quality fibres like Coolmax®, Meryl Skinlife®, Bamboo, Polypropylene, Silver®Thor-lon® to name just a few.

Avoid all-cotton socks!!! 

Tip Three: Remember you only get what you pay for

Although it may be hard to initially justify spending $20-30+ on a pair of socks, quality socks like the aforementioned image shows are guaranteed to last and will often outlast your running shoes. Good sport socks generally last longer, wear better, are more comfortable, are better finished, provide superior cushioning and of course wick moisture away from the foot to minimise foot problems. 

Tip Four: Buy Specific

Socks have come a long way in recent times and are now designed for specific sports. For example, hiking socks are designed for hiking and so have arch support and impact zones to make your hiking trip more comfortable. Ski socks have instep and shin protection to improve comfort when in the boot and enhance your skiing experience. Military socks are designed for the rigours of carrying heavy packs for days on end by providing maximum cushioning for the ball and sole of your foot. Although some sport socks can be used across a range of activities, as a general rule buy specific!

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leila price

leila price

I bought socks from rohner that were £25 as i find it difficult to find long socks for women. They were not good so they offered to change them, I happily accepted but found that the replacement was just as bad..the bottom of the sock won’t stay on my foot and this causes the tops to come down the leg creating irritating rucking under the soles of the feet. I paid a lot because i thought they’d be worth it, please avoid the same mistake.

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