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Want to run better? Here are a few running tips.

The other day I was watching my kids run and wondered who teaches them how to run? It got me thinking that most of us are taught to swim, ride a bike, play tennis and so on, but who actually teaches us (them) how to run. The reality is most of us are not taught how to run - we just do it! This is a real shame because knowing how to run properly can make a big, big difference in how fast, far and well we can run. Unfortunately, a poor running technique cannot be compensated for through fitness alone and no running socks, irrespective how good they are, will improve your technique! Think of a time when you may have visited your local swimming pool and seen some larger, older guy effortlessly gliding through the water, whilst the young thunder cat thrashes his arms around gasping for air at each end of the pool.

There are similarities with running. Those of us (I'm afraid I'm not one of them) who know how to run, seemingly bound along roads and trails with an effortless motion. They hardly seem puffed and it hardly seems surprising with research showing that a proper running technique can:

  1. Lessen the impact on your body including, knees, ankles and joints which means less injuries;
  2. Make you a more efficient runner, meaning you will use less energy and so be able to run faster, further and longer.  It might not hurt as much either!!!
  3. Make your running MUCH more enjoyable. 

Well the good news is it is never too late to try and improve your running technique, that is how to sprint, strike the ground and stride. So how do you do this?  

It's really quite simple as the following video shows.  By concentrating on a few key aspects of your running such as stride length and where you look (e.g. do you look up or at the ground) can make a big difference.  Anyone can be a better runner so go on give it a try and let us know what you think - did it work for you?


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admin - April 29, 2012

Thanks Guillaume. We hope it helps avoids sore knees forever!!! team

admin - July 3, 2012

I wish I had of seen this a few years ago. I’ve always been told to focus on my stride as a longer stride means you’re more efficient and go faster. It’s never worked for me so when I see this I had one of those OMG moments. I’ve tried what the video said and and although it felt weird as hell I wasn’t as tired and certainly wasn’t running as heavy footed as I usually do.

Guillaume Simmon - April 29, 2012

Fantastic insight into correct running style to prevent injuries. I have always thought you needed a long stride, however after watching this it’s no wonder I had sore knees. Thanks for sharing.

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