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Injinji 2.0: A few Facts

Okay toe sock fans Injinji 2.0 are here and they haven't disappointed, with new styles, colours and fabrics to choose from there is something for even the most discerning toe sock stalwart! But with the new styles comes other problems - How do I choose?

To make this a little easier I have put together a little information to explain the difference between the different sock weights and the new fibers utilised in Injinji 2.0. 

Injinji 2.0: A Few Facts 


The Injinji RUN Original Weight is a moderate weight toe sock designed to provide the user with a weight similar to that of everyday performance socks.

This sock is designed for:

  • All distances
  • Any terrain and pairs well with all footwear
  • The first time Injinji user

The Injinji RUN Midweight includes a padded footbed with Injinji's maximum cushioning. The additional cushioning in the heel and metatarsal areas means the Midweight are perfect for:

  • Long distances
  • The most demanding of work outs

The Injinji RUN Lightweight are an ultra-thin, next to skin to sock and are the perfect toe socks for those who are after a minimal weight sock, yet one which still contains some protection so as to not inhibit performance.

This sock is designed for:

  • Milder temperatures

  • Shorter distances

  • Toe sock purists   

Injinji 2.0 Sock Fibers



COOLMAX® is one of the most advanced technical fibers, with the sole purpose of wicking moisture away from your foot. The wicking capabilities of COOLMAX® will cope with everything, including extreme conditions caused by any sport or activity.


COOLMAX® XtraLife is a brand new fiber available in the Injinji RUN and TRAIL series and is made from a mixture of Coolmax, Cordura, and Lycra. COOLMAX® XtraLife provides greater strength and comfort, whilst retaining the excellent moisture management properties of COOLMAX®.



Nüwool™ is Injinji’s own Merino wool made from Australian wool. What makes this wool special is how it is spun, the result being a wool that is not only durable, but itch free. Finally, Nüwool™ provides good temperature control, is resistant to odor and wicks moisture away from the foot.



LYCRA® is a high quality fiber designed to stretch, but once taken off returns to it's original form. Amazingly, LYCRA® can stretch over five times its normal length. The benefit of LYCRA® in Injinji socks is that it ensures an excellent fit.  


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Afina - April 7, 2015

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Manuel - April 4, 2015

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