Do you find your marathon running program focuses too much on longer runs and less on speed work? Have you ever wondered how marathoners like Geoffrey Mutai are able to punch out a little over three minutes kilometres for 42 km? Has your marathon training hit a wall and you are no longer seeing any improvements in your times?

If so then help isn't too far away. Richard Lovett from Runners World has put together a case for speed work for long distance runners, which is definitely worth a read. Richard suggests it might be time to review things if your program has reached a plateau.

"Sometimes it seems as though there are nearly as many marathon training programs as races. But if your marathon times have plateaued--or simply don't live up to what you think you might be capable of doing--it might be time to take a hard look at your own plan and see if it has enough speed work."

Whether you are an elite runner, first time marathoner or just one of many of us trying to improve on our last marathon time, Richard's tips Runners World: Speed Training for Marathoners are well worth a look. 



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