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Bridgedale Socks 100 Years On. Why they keep getting better!!!

Okay sock fans have you heard of Bridgedale Socks?

Well let us fill in a few gaps as to why Bridgedale is one of the best sock brands on the planet!!! If you're an active person, love the outdoors or just love living life then Bridgedale will make your experience even better. After all it’s all about the experience, isn't it? Oh by the way Bridgedale Outdoor Ltd, the official name for Bridgedale, is 100 years old this year (2014). Happy Birthday Bridgedale.   

What Makes Bridgedale Special?

They use the latest technology, contemporary designs and one of the most advanced yarn technologies going around. This means Bridgedale are able to combine natural fibres with technical fibres resulting in the most comfortable socks you will ever wear! Sure that’s a big call, but check out some of the reviews and see for yourself.

Some things you may not know about Bridgedale

  • The company was started by a guy called John Black who started making socks for WW1 troops back in the day
  • Bridegdale are located in Northern Ireland
  • Every single Bridgedale sock is hand inspected to make sure you get the very best sock
  • The packaging has been designed to reduce waste by 40%

Investing in the future

Ever heard companies say they listen to their customers, yet very few do. Well Bridgedale are one of those few that do listen to their customers. Why? Because by listening they improve and so keep pace with the latest trends in footwear and produce socks and other products that work with your footwear, rather than against, all with the aim of making you comfortable. After all isn’t that the main reason why we buy socks?

The best thing is they know a thing or two about socks. That's what they do!

So there you have it, Bridgedale Outdoor 100 years on. What will we see in another 100 years……………

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Cristal - April 7, 2015

October 26, 2008 Oh Nunhead Mum of One darling,If but it were that smiple!Sweet Frog,I just knew that you and yours would laugh, just like me and mine! Thank you so much for my perfect gift. You made my day MWAH!

Kelson - April 5, 2015

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Off - April 4, 2015

I have these socks and really like them now i just have to find some boots, as much as i like wknialg in my trail shoes i still think i need boots especially for china and the wall wknialg

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