Okay so you may have heard of ‘Heartbleed’ and are starting to wonder if it is still safe to shop with socksforliving.com.au? Fair question we reckon, so we've decided to put a few things here to let you know it is still safe to shop with us.

If you don’t know what Heartbleed is you should take note because it does have the potential to be serious for those websites that are not managed correctly!  Essentially Heartbleed is a security bug that affects security technology used to establish an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. What this means is Heartbleed has the potential to allow undesirables the opportunity to access your private information.

We can assure you that you have nothing to worry about when shopping with us online and that your personal information is completely 100% safe!

Why are we so confident?

Our eCommerce team has worked tirelessly to ensure you are safe when shopping with us online and have implemented a range of fixes to address this security bug. These fixes have been tested and work. What this means is your personal information has been and continues to remain safe when shopping with us. 

Although Heartbleed hasn't affected socksforliving.com.au, it is still a major security problem and continues to affect many, many websites so do take precautions when shopping online with other websites! You can do so by using Chromebleed Checker, an extension of the browser Google Chrome which will warn you when shopping if that website is vulnerable to Heartbleed. We believe in being proactive and making your experience with us a positive one so hope this little bit of information has put you at ease and will make your online experience a positive one! 

Again just to let you know though you are 100% safe when shopping with us, but if you have any concerns drop us a line. 

Socks for Living Team

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