Bridgedale Travel Compression

Bridgedale's latest socks, the Travel Compression utilise graduated compression to deliver improved performance in the sock. The result is muscles are stabilised and circulation is improved. It may sound to good to be true, but it works!

What happens is the graduated compression (15-20mmHg) within the sock aids circulation by gently encouraging blood to move up the leg. More oxygen is then supplied to the leg muscles, which in-turn helps to improve recovery after a hard days walk!

Bridgedale Compression are also perfect for travellers who may find themselves sitting for long periods of time. The compression works to improve circulation, even whilst sitting on long flights, and in doing so helps the wearer avoid DVT because blood is circulated up the leg.

Unlike some companies that make a sock only good for one purpose i.e. flying, Bridgedale have made their compression socks utilising Coolmax®, Merino Wool and Nylon. The Coolmax® keeps your feet dry should you walk in them, whilst the Merino keeps them warm and provides lovely cushioning underfoot and finally the Nylon provides durability so these socks can be used for activities other than just flying.

Bridgedale are so confident you'll love their new technology they provide a 1 year guarantee.

Bridgedale CuPED Technology

Imagine a sock that does not smell. Well it exists!

Bridgedale's unique and proprietary CuPED technology takes innovation to a new level by permanently bonding copper-ions to the yarns used in the Trekker sock. Because Copper is a natural anti-microbial agent it prevents bacteria and other odour causing fungi from multiplying. This technology not only reduces smelly feet, but importantly also keeps your feet healthy. The reason people have smelly feet is because of the bacteria and fungi. They cause the smell and so minimising and/or eliminating them improves the health of your feet.

Bridgedale believe you'll love their CuPED technology and offer a massive 3 year guarantee on these socks.

The reality is who wouldn't want a sock that one looks after your feet and two doesn't smell. 

Pick me! I want a pair or two.........

So there you have it, two new amazing socks utilising the latest technology from Bridgedale to deliver performance, comfort and durability.

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