It's no secret that Stance socks are super rad and that if you want to be free from the daily grind, to think a little left of centre, to be an individual, then start wearing Stance socks.


Socks are no longer just boring things we put on our feet, they are an extension of our personality, a part of us. Sure some of us drive a desk, have to conform to a dress code, but you know what - that's okay. Wearing Stance socks allows us to express ourselves, even if it is in secret. Who cares what people think; you know who you are, so why not shine and thanks to Stance there are socks which allow all of us to express our individuality.

Stance and their relationship with their Punks & Poets make all of this is possible; amazing designs, the spirit of individuality burning bright and an insatiable desire to keep pushing boundaries. That is Stance! 

So who are the Punks & Poets?

They are the free thinkers, designers, athletes and rebels who inspire us to be better than what we are. They follow their own path, have their own unique style and question the status quo. Most importantly they motivate us to be different!

Nyjah Huston is one of Stances Punk & Poets!

Image Courtesy of Stance

Having undergone and yet still overcome many difficulties; Nyjah has paved his way to skateboarding’s top dog and master contender. With a treasure chest of medals and recent X Games Gold Medals, Nyjah continues to set the standard and in doing so inspires us to do better, to be better!

He is one of Stances Punks & Poets

Check him out at @


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