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Thorlo Experia Socks 5 Day Sale

That’s right 5 days left to save on our entire range of Thorlo Experia socks. These amazing socks are reduced by as much as 30% per pair so now is the time to top-up. If you've never tried a pair maybe now is the time!

A little about Thorlo Experia socks?

The Experia are a high-quality sock aimed at people who don’t encounter sore feet during exercise or those of us who prefer that next-to-skin feeling. They are perfect for any activity, travelling or simply wearing to and from home. Whatever the reason the Thorlo Experia has become the benchmark other brands attempt to follow.

Unlike some socks, Thorlo Experia socks contain cushioning only in relevant impact zones – ball and heel. Thorlo believe to be different one must push the boundaries and in doing so have engineered a sock that's not only visually pleasing, but makes us feel better when wearing them! To this end Thorlo have designed the Experia with 'impact area' cushioning which is very effective.  

Although we'd love to see everyone wearing a pair of Experia's, it is important to note the Experia is aimed at users who engage in activities where the impact is low to moderate. For high stress sports that put considerable stress on your feet e.g. distance running, distance walking, tennis and hiking Thorlo produce other socks specially designed for this purpose. For the full Thorlo range.

Don’t just believe us, check out what some of our customers are saying: 


The Thorlo Secret?

Firstly, Thorlo engineer the Experia socks so they fit your feet perfectly. They do this via a form fitting design and an uniquely dense weave. The result is sufficient padding in those areas of the foot most likely to impact the ground, the ball and heel. Padding in only the areas that need it allows lightweight mesh to be used elsewhere to maximise lightness and breathability for a supremely comfortable fit.

Thorlo takes their technology even further, adding an Achilles tendon pad which serves two very distinct functions. The first is the tendon pad locks the heel in place preventing movement, whilst the second protects the tendon against rubbing and thus provides you with an exceptionally comfortable fit.

Perhaps it is true that anyone can make a sock thick, but only Thorlo can engineer a 'padded sock' which WILL protect your feet and provide exceptional comfort during most activities. Constructed utilising a technical fibre called Coolmax™ means your feet will also stay dry.

If you’re still wearing cotton socks for running, walking or going to the gym then it is time to upgrade. Unlike cotton socks which retain moisture, the Thorlo Experia wick moisture away from the skin, meaning your skin won’t soften, nor will it be susceptible to blisters.

One final word!

An innovative design, contemporary fibres and performance focus ensures the Thorlo Experia is the benchmark. Made in the USA cements the Experia as one of our favourites - it just works!

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