Collegien Slipper Socks Australia

We thought we’d take this opportunity to welcome one of our newest brands to our ranks, Collégien. If you haven’t guessed already Collégien is French and proudly so. They are known globally for their slipper socks and like most good brands Collégien continue to manufacture their slipper socks in a small village in the south of France, a practice that has continued for over 4 generations! The result is something very special indeed; a soft rubber sole slipper sock.

Created in 1947 Collégien continue to this very day to take pride in their slipper socks guaranteeing exceptionally high quality slippers. Passing knowledge from generation to generation is testament to their success and is visible in each and every slipper that leaves the production line. Their slipper socks are contemporary and comfortable. The colours and designs are hot!

They are warm during winter and cool during summer. Unlike some brands, Collégien take particular care to choose their sales partners and we are equally pleased to have Collégien join our ranks.

What makes Collégien special?

Choice of materials

Collégien choose only the finest materials and their workmanship is exceptional. The rubber sole is injected and connects seamlessly with the sock itself resulting in superior comfort and wear.

The experience

Collégien is about the 'whole' experience, the knowledge you are wearing something hand-made, that has been carefully packaged and has a story behind it. Add the Made in France tag and well I'm sold, are you? Don't just believe me though; the proof though is in the pudding. You don’t have to force kids to wear Collégien!


Collégien slippers are machine washable at 30° making them easy to care for, so whether you are young or old there is no excuse now not to wear them.

Comfort & Design

We’ve left the best reason till last. Comfy all year round for young and old Collégien make the perfect gift for any occasion, but are equally special as gifts for Christmas, Mother’s day, Birthday’s and Valentine’s Day. Designed with a rubber sole to protect the sole simply adds to their comfort. Venture outside round home too and relax. The question you'll be left asking is why you waited so long to try them.


 Made in France! Check out range today.


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