We are often asked what makes Thorlo socks so great and the answer is really quite simple. Some brands just make socks, whereas Thorlo make a product to protect your feet.

This is the difference!

Sure they may initially cost a little more, but when it comes to foot protection and comfort there are few, if any, equals. Thorlo engineer their socks to protect feet first and foremost. Better still they last and last.

How do they do it you ask? 

Simple - Thorlo design each and every sock in the US using their 7 Elements of comfort approach.

 Thorlos proprietary moisture management helps prevent blisters and fungal growth

 Thorlos help prevent tissue breakdown, painful calluses and bunions

 Thorlos act as an interface between shoe and foot, minimising shearing

 Thorlos stimulate better circulation (blood flow) into and out of the feet

 Thorlos moderate both extremes (hot and cold) of temperature inside the shoe

 Thorlos help "nestle" the feet and create better heel coupling, allowing Thorlos and the shoes to work better as a system of protection.

 The sum total of all of the above benefits provides an overall positive sensation of protection and comfort.

Are you serious about looking after your feet?

In a time of cost cutting Thorlo continue to manufacture their socks in the US, continue to research to produce an even better product and do so with the overarching goal of producing socks to protect your feet. Time to get comfy!

Check out our Thorlo range today. 

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Dale besinger

Dale besinger

Would love some samples. Are these for diabetics?

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