Okay so you're heading off skiing, but not sure how to choose the right ski socks - well here are a few tips to help you on your way.   


Make sure the ski socks you choose are 'over the calf' or 'knee high'.  (That's the height of the socks if you are wondering)

Why is this important?

  • Firstly over the calf socks provide excellent warmth
  • Secondly, over the calf socks ensures the sock lines your ski boot and so provides greater comfort when skiing
  • Thirdly some over the calf ski socks provide firmer support and promote blood flow through the legs, allowing you to ski for longer without tiring.  

Look for a ski sock made from quality materials.  Why?

  • Rubbish material e.g. an all cotton ski sock will mean you will be cold.  Cold skiing = No Fun skiing!  (and no one wants that)

Choose ski socks containing a good wicking fiber e.g. Coolmax.  A good moisture management system will ensure any moisture is taken away from your feet. This is particularly important as your feet still sweat when skiing, even though it's cold. Any excessive moisture build-up can result in softening of the ski and in-turn lead to discomfort and/or blisters.  

I'd also opt for a ski sock containing Merino wool as they are warm and comfortable underfoot.


What sort of person are you?  By that I mean:

  • Do you like thick warm socks when skiing or do you like a thinner sock? 
  • How much room do you have in your ski boot for your socks?

There are always trade offs, so if you like a thin ski sock to really feel those edges when carving turns you will forgo some warmth. If this is you take a look at the Smartwool Unisex PhD Ultra Light Ski Socks.  

On the flip side if you prefer a ski sock with a little more warmth then take a look at 'Medium' ski socks like the Smartwool PhD Medium Ski Socks


This point really follows on from the aforementioned. If you have skied before ask yourself:

  • Were your feet sore in any particular area?
If they were this may indicate the type of ski sock you need. For example, say the balls of your feet were sore you may need to lean towards a ski sock with more cushioning. If your shins were sore you may need a ski sock with shin / abrasion protection.   

 Again ask yourself:

  • What sort of skier are you (beginner, intermediate or advanced)?  

The reality is you can spend quite a bit of money on ski socks, which is fine, but asking yourself this question may help you decide what sock you really need. 

If you are really good skier you may choose to opt for an advanced high performance ski sock. Ski socks that are designed for custom fitted boots, such as the Rohner Proline Compression Ski Sock.  However, if you're a more of a mere mortal type skier you may be better off with a solid all-round ski sock that ticks most of the boxes (durable, comfortable, wicks moisture and has abrasion / foot cushioning). If this is you check out the Smartwool PHD Ski Socks range.

Finally, if you want a ski sock that is designed specifically for males and females (socks which take into account the differences between a males and females foot) then take a look at X-Socks Ski Socks.  


 As always if you need any help choosing, have some more questions or just want to chat about your next adventure we'd love to hear from you. Get in contact with us via email, Facebook, Twitter or Live Chat (look for chat in bottom right corner of your webpage). 

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