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Product Test - Sigvaris Sports Compression Socks

The first thing that grabbed was the Sigvaris sports compression socks price. At $79.95 these socks are pricey, although at the time of writing they have been reduced to just under $50. Are they worth it?

At $50 yes they are, but at $79.95……..I’m not so sure.

Who are Sigvaris?

Sigvaris are a Swiss company who are the world leaders in medical compression socks. They have since branched out utilising their technology to make sports compression socks. What arguably makes Sigvaris better than other brands that make compression socks is Sigvaris can confidently:

  • Tell you the level of compression in their socks
  • Provide you with a custom fit to suit your foot, ankle and circumference size, via a compression size calculator.

This means you get a better fit than the one-size fits all approach adopted by other manufacturers. Also Sigvaris can tell you the level of compression (measured by millimetres of mercury - mmHg) in every sock, meaning you know how effective the compression will be. Some manufacturers simply sell their socks as compression socks and give the wearer no indication as to the mmHg contained within the socks. Knowing the mmHg is important, as too high mmHg can be counter-productive to improving performance and/or recovery. In fact wearing socks with too high mmHg (20 mmHg+) without seeking medical advice can actually restrict circulation and be downright dangerous. Check our Sports Compression Tips in ‘Recover Faster with Sports Compression Socks’.

Another reason for making sure you know your socks mmHg is you pay good money for a compression sock. I want to know I'm purchasing a compression sock and not just a firm sock, especially when I'm forking out $40+. 

The Test

Who are these socks made for?

  • Anyone serious about their sport and who wants to recover quicker to maximise their performance!

The level of compression in these socks is 15-20 mmHg, which is a great level of compression and can be worn ‘off the shelf’ during or post any activity without the need to seek medical advice before wearing.

What will they do?

Sigvaris claim their sports compression socks are designed to help you perform better and recover faster by using controlled graduated compression. This means the sock is tighter at the ankle and gradually decreases in tightness as the sock moves up the calf.

The science behind graduated compression means blood is circulated and pushed up the leg so metabolic substances (waste substances such as lactates) are removed and dispersed. Consequently, the better blood supply causes more oxygen to the muscles, thus increasing performance and recovery. Sigvaris state their sports compression socks result in:

  1. Less Muscle Soreness
  2. Reduced Lactic Build-up

The packaging

The Sigvaris sports compression socks exude quality. They come in a sporty plastic cylinder, which is recyclable, and is a nice touch when you are spending a few dollars. Although I'm always conscious that clever packaging doesn't always equal a great product, I was still impressed with the attention to detail. 

Putting the sock on

Again quality is the first thing that comes to mind and it shouldn't have really come as any surprise, as the Swiss are renowned for quality. These socks are nice to touch thanks to the Bamboo charcoal yarn, easy to get on and the compression is instantaneous as you would expect. What I liked most is they didn't feel like Lycra. A lot of compression wear these days is made of Lycra, which is great, but I like my socks to feel like socks! 

Do they work?

Short answer - yes!

I wore these socks for two weeks, during and post exercise (running, walking, cycling) and then repeated the same routine for another two weeks without wearing the compression socks. I measured my results on a rating of how I felt pre, during and post exercise, rather than on whether my times improved. I also measured my recovery times based on how my legs felt i.e. soreness, heaviness etc. I then analysed my results and can summarise them by saying the following:

  • The Sigvaris were comfortable all-day long
  • They didn't slip, bunch or cut-in
  • My legs recovered faster by about one to two days faster when compared to when I wasn't wearing them
  • My legs didn't feel as sore, nor as heavy when wearing the Sigvaris

Final thoughts

If you are serious about recovering faster and performing better, then the Sigvaris sports compression socks are well worth a look. At a price below $50 these socks represent good value, especially seeing you are getting compression socks from a world leader in compression, a sock that you know the compression of and importantly a sock which is likely to improve recovery, performance and confidence.  

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