Feetures! Diabetic Active Mini Crew Socks - Black

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Irene Webley
my sock of choice

I bought two lots of this sock even though they are the most expensive - the reason - i had thought one sock was pretty much like another but these showed me that I was wrong- when I wear these socks my feet feel like they are being held in warm, supportive gentle hands - it’s not just that they fit well and are comfortable but that somehow they make my feet feel great too. I don’t have any major health problem with my feet as yet and can imagine how these will help me ward off future ones. I mentioned them to my podiatrist as well.

Brian Howard
Not What I Expected. Sadly. Good quality BUT STILL FAR TOO TIGHT!

I've bought a few different types of socks now from 'Socks For Living. All of them were marketed or meant for the 'Diabetic' approach which intimated NO TIGHT TOPS. Well people, every one of them leaves marked on my ankles. I've stretched the damn things, worn them doubled over - everything but the marks persist and look like my leg has been ring-barked around my ankle. I don't even have diabetes so God forbid the poor soul who does have it and buys these at THESE PRICES to try to fix their sock issues. be warned, they are little better than $10 socks off the rack. They are indeed quality and well made and feel good in the foot but ankle tightness pervades comfort sadly. I'm just glad I have teen sons with skinny ankles to palm these off to. The cost is WAYYYY too high for what they are. Wasted my money so hope my boys use them. I called service to ask if the 'large' I got (actually miniature!) could come in XTRAS LARGE as shown on the site but greyed out and all I got back was a NO. No offer to investigate - this could have been the answer for me. I won't be buying again as I found $4-50 pairs at my local Lowes that are heaven - no marks and a gorgeously loose top. Thanks Lowes!

Michael E.
Wearing a black pair NOW.

Wearing a black pair NOW. Still tight and making indentation around my ankle

Michael E.
Wearing a black pair NOW.

Wearing a black pair NOW. Still tight and making indentation around my ankle


Feetures! have really thought this sports diabetic through.  

Non-binding, non-tight top with mesh construction allows for increased breathability.  Max cushioning for the perfect blend of comfort and performance.  Feetures'! clever design and use of advanced materials sees the sock shape to your foot for a superior fit. You'll be left comfy, without blisters and have dry feet all day, everyday. Sounds like the perfect sock!


  • Seamless Toe means no irritating toe seam
  • Anatomical fit delivering maximum comfort and blister protection
  • Lightweight mesh in all the right places keeps you cool
  • iWick™ fibres keep your feet dry and odour-free
  • High density cushioning provides extra protection in high impact areas
  • Y-heel construction keeps sock from sliding
  • Mini crew socks with maximum cushioning
  • Feetures! stand by their socks offering a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee


81% iWick™ Nylon, 16% Nylon, 3% Spandex

Size Information

Feetures! Socks are Unisex. Please use the size guide below to determine your size.

Feetures! Socks Size Guide

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