On our more recent brands, Sunday Afternoons™ is a cracker!

Based in the US Sunday Afternoons™ provides a range of outdoor and lifestyle hats. Unlike other brands, Sunday Afternoons™ continues to innovate taking note of customer feedback, product testing and search for quality materials all of which help produce some of the most comfortable hats and caps on the planet!

Image Caption (Featuring the Sunset Hat)

Nearly all Sunday Afternoons™ hats and caps are rated UPF50 so they will keep you protected from harmful UV all day, everyday. With a rating of UPF 50+, the highest sun protection rating available, only 1/50th or less of all UV rays are able to pass through.

Some of the other Sunday Afternoon features are:

  UPF 50+. You know you're going to be protected. Who said you can't enjoy the sun!
Many styles of Sunday Afternoon™ hats have integrated sleeves allowing you to lock your sunglasses in place. Now that's smart..........
Best thing about the clamshell hats is you can wear it on your head or stick it in your pocket. There's a cap worth buying.
The SmartStrap™ keeps your hat on your head, but will break away safely if given a good tug making it super safe in all conditions.
Do you get a hot head? Never worry again with the ability to flip mesh vents for even better ventilation and air flow. 

Sunday Afternoons™ don't just produce amazing caps and hats, but they also give back supporting a range of initiatives to preserve oceans, rivers, deserts and forests. Nice one Sunday Afternoons™.

So there you have a little information about the latest brand to join our ranks. Check out our range of Men's Hats, Women's Hats and Kids Hats from Sunday Afternoons ™ today. Perhaps grab yourself a hat or two online!










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