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Ambra Travel Socks

Ambra Travel Socks, made with graduated compression, assist in minimising the swelling on the lower limbs to the rest of the body. Ambra is proud of the quality of its Travel Socks which has been made and tested to internationally approved standards of compression to ensure optimal comfort and efficiacy. 
Consult your Doctor before traveling for long periods of time if you have any medical condition that can lead to a greater risk of circulatory problems during long periods of immobility. 
Materials - 67% Cotton, 27% Nylon, 6% Elastane 
Made in Italy
Size Guide 
Small:      (Women's 5-7) 
Medium:  (Women's 8-10 or Men 6.5-8.5)

Small (Women 5-7)

Medium (Women 8-10, Men 6.5-8.5)